Find A Job In London

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News How To Build A Nuclear Bomb: We’ve Demonized Books, But Are We Any Safer?
Can we stop explosives guides from landing in violent hands? And if so, at what cost to free expression? … Read News

Find A Job In London

News Why Aren't There More Women Futurists?
In the future, everyone’s going to have a robot assistant. That’s the story, at least. And as part of that long-running narrative, Facebook just launched its virtual assistant. They’re calling it Moneypenny—the secretary from the James Bond Films. Which means the symbol of our march forward, once again, ends up being a nod back. In this case, Moneypenny is a send-up to an age when Bond’s … Read News

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News This Home-cleaning Service Shows Everything That Startups Do Horribly Wrong
Handy’s third birthday party last month was everything you’d expect from a startup soiree. Twenty- and thirtysomethings crowded the dimly lit bar at Pergola, a Mediterranean spot in Manhattan’s Flatiron District, munching on skewers of free-range chicken and a seemingly endless cascade of spicy meatballs with tzatziki sauce, as a hoodie-clad co-founder boasted about the company’s recent triumphs … Read News

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News GTT’s New CFO Insists He’s Not A Finance Guy
Mike Sicoli says he?s a business guy who happens to have worn the finance hat more often than not. … Read News

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News Three Things You Need To Know About Carbon
Part II of a three-part sustainability series by guest blogger Larry Eighmy, managing principal of The Stone House Group You may recall learning about the carbon cycle in your school days, but did you know that understanding this cycle is imperative to understanding climate change and sustainability? You can think of carbon dioxide as the common currency used to determine our impact on the … Read News

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News Pulling Back The Curtain On The Miss Illinois Scholarship Pageant
MARION, Ill. — Pull back the curtain on the Miss Illinois Scholarship pageant, and you’ll see things unlike any story before. First, don’t confuse it with Donald Trump’s Miss U.S.A.; that’s old news. Instead, our WGN investigation focuses on another pageant: the historic Miss America Organization that boasts about its scholarship opportunities with the iconic […] … Read News

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News Mascia’s Debt Problems Becoming An Issue In Campaign For Fillmore District Seat
Joseph A. Mascia has an air of success. He drives to his Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority board meeting in a 2014 Cadillac, he donates thousands of dollars to local political campaigns – including his own – and he talks about the importance of helping other people. … Read News

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News For Retirement Planning Help, Try These Weekend Workshops
They address queries from Who Will I Be? to Where Should I Live? … Read News

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News Joey Tensley’s Syrah Empire
How a Bakersfield-raised, soccer-crazed potty mouth became Santa Barbara’s flying winemaker. … Read News