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News Twitter Launches Self-Serve Ads For Indonesian SMBs
Indonesia joins 31 other global markets with access to Twitter Ads for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), a move welcomed by the country’s digital marketing industry. … Read News

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News White House Wants No Currency Provision In Trade Bill
US President Barack Obama's administration on Tuesday came out strongly against Democratic proposals to curb currency manipulation as part of a sweeping Pacific trade pact Washington is negotiating with 11 nations. While the White House reiterated its support for a recent deal that gives President Barack Obama "fast-track" authority to sign free-trade agreements without interference from … Read News

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News The Trans-Pacific Partnership Won't Help U.S. Manufacturers
Kevin L. Kearns, President, U.S. Business & Industry Council The TPP is simply the latest in a long line of trade deals (like NAFTA, China, CAFTA,) that have opened the door to predatory trade with countries that have only their own interests at heart. read more … Read News

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News Free Supplier Discovery And Product Sourcing Platform
New York City — is a free supplier discovery and product sourcing platform. Some of you may recall its predecessor, the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers, which began publishing in 1914. This 34-volume buying guide offered detailed information on hundreds of thousands of manufacturers and their … Read News

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News Introducing 84.51°: The New Powerhouse In Pioneering Customer Engagement
Today marks a new era in customer engagement with the introduction of 84.51°. … Read News

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News New President For Dakota State Coming From Rhode Island
MADISON, S.D. (AP) – A top administrator at Bryant University in Rhode Island was named the new president of Dakota State University on Monday. The South Dakota Board of Regents said José-Marie Griffiths will succeed David Borofsky, who unexpectedly quit the 3,000-student school in August. Griffiths will become the school's … Read News

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News New UW App Can Detect Sleep Apnea Events Via Smartphone
Diagnosing sleep apnea — a disease which affects roughly 1 in 13 Americans — typically requires an overnight hospital stay and costs thousands of dollars. A new smartphone app developed at the University of Washington can wirelessly test for sleep apnea events in a person's own bedroom without needing special sensors attached to the body. … Read News

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News These Are The Best Tech Companies For Working Couples
18. Amazon Score: 3.6 out of 5 | "No letting people down when you call off, call off anytime take vacation anytime, every quarter you get new unpaid days off and paid days off and vacation is on every check." … Read News

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News Akka Wins JAX Innovation Award For "Most Innovative Open Source Tech In 2015"
SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – Apr 22, 2015) – Typesafe, provider of the world's leading Reactive platform and the company behind Play Framework, Akka, and Scala, today announced that Akka has been honored by JAX readers as the "Most Innovative Open Source Tech in 2015." Akka is a toolkit and runtime for concurrent, distributed and resilient message-driven applications on the Java Virtual … Read News