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News Summit Daily's Top Stories Of The Day
From left to right, Michele Koss of Wildernest, Devin Lane, of Frisco, and Charles Khoury, of Frisco, skinned to the top of Peak 1 in Frisco early Saturday, April 4. 2015, and paused just below their objective. … Read News

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News CAREER: Data Is Power For Indie Musicians
With no testing and no feedback during the creation process and in the end, artists spend their entire career hoping people will like their music. Indie artists can up their odds with a bit of strategic data analysis. … Read News

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News How To Use LinkedIn Search To Find The Best Job Candidates
Find the candidates you want quickly via LinkedIn's Search and Advanced Search tools. … Read News

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News Police Video Shows Killing Of Black Oklahoma Suspect
A reserve sheriff's deputy mistakenly shot the suspect when he thought he held a Taser in his hand. … Read News

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News Germanwings Tragedy Puts Spotlight On Employee Fit-for-duty Procedures
The devastating effect a single employee in a safety-sensitive position can have if he or she evades fit-for-duty procedures was brought chillingly into focus last month when a Germanwings co-pilot, who reportedly hid his mental illness, deliberately crashed a commercial jet into the French Alps. … Read News

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News Suspect In Community College Shooting Death Caught
Former student at North Carolina school nabbed on Florida beach; held in killing of longtime school employee … Read News