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News Former Female Inmates Find Support And A Home In Juneau’s Haven House
Juneau’s first transitional home for women recently paroled or released from prison is welcoming its first residents. Download Audio … Read News

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News Now Ikea Wants To Host Your Dream Wedding, Online
Meatballs, comfy chairs, reasonable storage options, and . . . nuptials? Open up an Ikea catalog and it doesn't take long to figure out the Swedish retailer wants to have customers covered in every part of their home life. From tables and toilet brushes, to kitchen appliances and beds, to kids toys and flooring. It's can all be yours with the turn of an Allen key. Read Full Story … Read News

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News Home Main Menu
Credit Andy Porter, flickr. As the 114th Congress marks its 100th day in session, an onslaught of ill-advised legislative efforts has been launched that would undermine conservation laws designed to protect national lands. … Read News

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News Cuba Is Finally Coming Off The U.S. Terror List: Corporate America Cheers
The Cuban flag flies along a Havana beach. Pope Benedict XVI visited Havana, Cuba March 27-28, 2012. Pope Benedict XVI visited Havana, Cuba March 27-28, 2012. Cubans pass time on the city's famous Malecon seawall and hitchhike to get home from work. … Read News

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News Improving Work Conditions Increases Parents' Time With Their Children
A workplace intervention designed to reduce work-family conflict gave employed parents more time with their children without reducing their work time. "The results show that we can change the way we work to improve family life," said one author. "Our study shows that the workplace intervention had an effect on families by increasing parents' time with their children." … Read News

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News US Stocks Mostly Higher After Rise In Oil, Mixed Earnings
Rising oil prices helped push the stock market mostly higher on Tuesday, but the gains were tiny as investors weighed mixed results from companies reporting earnings. … Read News

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News Millennials Put Off Home Buying
Despite rising rent prices and low interest rates, young Americans are largely still choosing to rent instead of buy. … Read News

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News Op-ed: A Letter To Heather And Her Two Mommies From Their Creator
Back in 1989 an LGBT-themed children's book titled Heather Has Two Mommies incited condemnation from conservatives — and adoration from LGBT families. With her book being reissued, author Lesléa Newman has some words for her most famous character. read more … Read News

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News Autism Could Be Linked With Moms' Diabetes During Pregnancy
Diabetes that develops early in pregnancy may increase women's chances of having a child with autism, according to a new study. … Read News

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News How Prince William And Kate Are Preparing George To Become A Big Brother
Soon, the royal toddler will have to welcome a sibling to his home – and his parents have a plan … Read News